Studio Diary: Day Four. Bass.

Recording Alda's Bass Parts

Alda Tan the bassman himself!

Not for the faint hearted. Only hardcore bassists can play the bass this way!

There's been lots of pick action in Alda's playing with Broken Scar these days. Notice the pick stuck on the bridge?

Again, lots of smiles and laughter

Now, serious at work

There's also plenty of time for phone calls and SMS for sure! You should be working Alda!

Setting up for this session was a bit frustrating but it's just part and parcel of the whole recording process. There was this crazy hum and buzz when we plugged Alda's bass into the pre-amp. We managed to sort it out in the end and we went straight to work. I remember The Cat Empire having trouble when they were recording in Cuba. Compared to that, the problems we went through were incredibly minor.

It's like, "Hey! The problem's solved! Let's go, let's go. Sel, press record. Alda, PLAY!"

Apart from that, Alda's bass has been through some abuse lately which meant that he had to check the tuning every now and then, a little more than he would usually. Overall, those were just very minor setbacks. Gear is important, but the magic always comes from the player's hands. It's the touch!

Alda recorded his bass parts for Shooting Star and Until I Fall, all in one session. You are definitely da man, bro! The bass tone was fantastic and we were beginning to see the two songs coming together and coming to life.

If you noticed, the bass wasn't recorded traditionally, right after the drums were recorded. We did this so we could give all the other instruments space and then craft the bass-line to weave in and out of all the other instruments. This was Sel's and Alda's idea of course, which was brilliant! It's always good to do things unconventionally.

We were at the studio all day and the session ended pretty late. By the time I got home it was about 3 in the morning or so. We had to be at TV3 for the Malaysia Hari Ini interview by 7AM. It was quite draining, but it was heaps of fun! That's what you call maximising your hours in a day! Who needs sleep? haha.

Kev Broken Scar
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