Studio Diary: Day Five. Electirc Guitars.

Recording Paul's and Kevin's Guitar Parts

Jeremy, hanging out with us at the studio

Paul's toys

The good old analogue overdrive/distortion pedal

This was a pretty long session. As you can see in the pictures, Paul came straight from work, which explains why he is in his work clothes. That's what I call dedication.

I don't have any photos of me recording the guitar parts, well, mainly because I forgot all about taking photos when we were recording.

So yes, today's session was to finish up my electric guitar parts for Until I Fall. I used Rashdan's Epiphone SG on the bridge pickup and the distortion was screaming hot! It was awesome! We got that heavy tone we wanted for this track just like that. It was all in the cool combination of Rashdan's guitar, Paul's overdrive/distortion pedal and the Twin Reverb amp. Oh, one of the other reason's I didn't track the distortion parts for this song earlier was because I didn't have any access to a nice distortion pedal. Paul saved the day again!

After recording one take of the SG, I used Paul's Ibanez Talman for the double track of distortion. We cut back the drive on the distortion pedal and used the bridge pickup on the guitar to get a fatter tone this time round. The combination of different guitars and different guitar lines/melodies really gave the song the edge it was calling out for.

Once that was all done, Paul recorded all his distortion parts with his ever so sweet Tele. The highlight of the night though was after all the rhythm parts were all done and the time for the guitar solo came! Paul hit the ball out of the park with this one. I can't wait for you to hear it!

Kev Broken Scar

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