Studio Diary: Day One. Drums

Recording Alex's Drum Parts

Prior to this session we had done some pre-production at Purple Houz Productions.

We recorded the drums for Until I Fall and Shooting Star Nick Lee's Sonique Productions. Nick was around but he wasn't involved in the recording. Keith Yong was the assistant engineer while Sel recorded the tracks. Credits to Keith for recording the remainder of Shooting Star as Sel had to take off a little earlier.

The session started at around 9pm where we set up the drum kit and microphones. Alex soon got around the kit and got the tone we wanted. For Until I Fall, we used the kit at Nick's while for Shooting Star, Alex used his snare on the verses and Nick's snare on the choruses. We also hooked up an extra floor tom for Shooting Star to get that extra low end and it worked.

By the end of the session, Alex was flat out. My brother, Darren came along to the session and by the end of the session, Alex and Darren were both knocked out on the couch and on the floor. Alda was around for the session too but he left a little earlier.

Keith burnt me a copy of the recorded drum tracks and when I heard it in the car, all I could do is smile and go, "man, this is worth it. It sounds great!". I was just stoked with the results! Alex did great despite having a long and tiring day at work. Simply awesome!

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