Happy Days

It’s been an incredible week and it’s amazing how easily the blog can be neglected. I felt like I’ve done heaps in a short span of time and I’m pretty stoked.

In my previous updates post, I stopped at Monday. Let’s continue from there, provided my memory serves me well, shall we?

Rehearsals with the band. We had Daniel from Edge Of Fire on board with us for the first time and it was cool as he brought in the metal influence in his guitar playing. We also had the usual suspects, Alda on bass and Alex on drums.

Rehearsals with the band. This time, we had to rehearse without Alda as he was flat out sick due to food poisoning and had to stay in bed to recover.

Rehearsing with the band

Press conference at Zouk, KL. The press conference was heaps of fun as I got to hang out with Kat De Luna and Sky Nellor. The girls were uber hot and I felt like the luckiest man on earth when it came time to take group pictures with the press. I wish I had my camera with me though. Serena C was emceeing the press conference and it was a good time hanging out with her too. It’s been a while. We’ve worked together at ASTRO and she has interviewed us but we never really hung out, so this was a good time. Just chilled. The Hennessy people were there, the PR reps were there, the event management reps were there and the press members were there. It was a big party.

Radio interview with Xfresh FM at AMP Radio Networks, Bukit Jalil. Interviews on Xfresh have always been a crazy experience. Adi did the interview and boy, I should get a copy of the interview so that you could listen to what I was put through that night. Thanks Mary Ann and Selene for putting all these together.

Hanging out with Adi @ Xfresh FM's studio

Press interview with NewMan Magazine. Thanks Wern Shen for the interview, it was a blast!

Press interview with Malay Mail. Thanks Ainne for the interview, I’m glad you enjoyed the CD!

Sound check at Zouk. It took quite a while to sort out the feedback issues because clearly, the room had very limited space for proper PA placement. Paul, the engineer however, is a legend! He managed to sort it out and make everything sound good, despite the little set back. We were happy by the end of sound check. After sound check, we just headed off to Alda’s to chill and to grab something to eat. Paul continued to tweak the system and by the time we got back to the show, it was sounding great!

Sound check 1...2...

Show time at Zouk.
I am stoked that the gig went great! We had heaps of our friends and fans show up and it meant the world to me. We had some of our close friends hang out with us in the dressing room as well and it was a rad party. Alda was feeling much better. Alex and I were ready to wreck the stage. So we went up, did our thing and rocked out. The crowd stayed away from the dance floor, but they were still freaking awesome! Thanks guys!

The band, featuring Daniel on lead guitar

Alex deservers a close up solo shot. Drummers always get left out of pictures, don't they?

Party at Zouk, Mainroom and Loft.
After our set, the rest of the time was spent catching up with friends both in the Mainroom, up at Loft, outside and at the VIP area. We had all the four Hennessy cocktails and my favourite was the Shanghai and the Miami, came as a close second. Thanks heaps to Hennessy, Bright Box, Riche Monde and everyone that made this awesome event happen and for having us!

"What? Who? I don't know"

Day Off. Need I say more? After all that mad running around (there was heaps of traveling involved. I travelled over 1000km in one week), we all needed a rest.

Figure Eight. Performed for the Figure Eight event organised by Junk Magazine and Nokia at the Annexe, Central Market, KL. Now this crowd wasn’t afraid to come right up to the stage! We had a great time playing here and the vibe at this place was just so indie, it was awesome. The best part was hanging out with our old friends in the scene. One Buck Short, Qings & Kueens and Brainhead were all there.

Besides music, there were t-shirts, CDs and heaps of artsy things on sale at this event. Support indie artists yo!

New band shots taken at The Annexe. From L-R: Alda Tan, Kevin, Alex Ang

Shopping at KLCC. Yes, even men need to shop.

Knocked out.

Catch up on me blog.

To everyone who came to our shows last week, be it at No Black Tie, Zouk or The Annexe, thank you very much for coming down and haning out with us. It's been happy days and there's more to come, so stay tuned!

Broken Scar's album, Midnight In St. Kilda is available on www.mytracks.com/brokenscar

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