It’s been pretty hectic over the last few days. The flu has been quite resilient despite the constant intake of medication. I think it’s the classic case of lacking proper rest. There’s just so much to do and no flu was going to stop me. The running around keeps me going and I feel productive. If I could multitask more efficiently, I would. It gets a little challenging when everything happens too fast though. For example, I started my shopping early today, something that I would not normally do. I was at One Utama by 1030am. I felt that I walked a lot but I didn’t manage to get everything I needed. Before I knew it, my legs were killing me, it got too crowded and it was clearly time to head back.

The sudden change of routine also meant that I’ve changed routes. My computer usage for example has changed dramatically. Since I got back, I’ve been on a PC and two different laptops. This meant I had to adjust to three different keyboards! Arrghh! It also gets frustrating when everything is everywhere. “Did I save this file in the PC? Which laptop is it in?” No, I am not spoilt for choice. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. I have to use whatever that is available. That’s more like it.

I’ve got my portable hard disk with me, which is normally fine, but it also gets tough, with USB situations. Insufficient ports? The works. To complicate things, I’ve got two portable hard disks now, one self powered and the other one dependent on a power source. All this, in the name of backup!

So it brings me down to this. The whole mad computer situation has inspired this little blog post, which I guess is the cause of all the madness anyway. No computer, no blog.

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