It's been pretty crazy since I landed home. I've been out so much, the days actually feel long, not in a bad way, but it feels like I've done a lot and I've fully maxed out my hours. I've got to get some shut eye though.
So here's a short run down of what I've been up to.
Thursday night was spent at Palette Palette (I think that's how you spell it).
Friday saw me catching up with friends and family. Hung out with Alda that night too.
Saturday was party night at Zouk.
Sunday was spent at church in the morning, a BBQ in the evening and rehearsals at night, which ended in the wee hours of the morning. Then, it got interesting. Alda and I went to hang out with some of the boys from My Chemical Romance, and our friends Pop Shuvit and Rahul from One Buck Short.
Then, tonight, I played at No Black Tie for the Junk Fortnight event. It was a full house. Freaking awesome! So glad to be playing back home again! All the acts were spot on! It's such a privilege to share the stage with these great talent! Shelley, Paulo, Warren, Reza and Najwa, you guys blew the roof off NBT! Once again, thanks Reza, No Black Tie and Junk Magazine!
It's been real good catching up with friends and meeting new people as well. So, what's left now? Some sleep perhaps.
Till the next time. Goodnight.
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