I initially wanted to post pictures from my visit to the Pixar exhibition and the Paramore gig but I decided to write about something else instead.
My good friend's brother recently passed away due to liver cancer and it has been a difficult time for him and his family. I attended the funeral last night and it was overwhelming as I didn't really know what to say to my friend. No words can seem to comfort, so I hope by being there was comfort enough.
I was recording with Leon earlier yesterday before the funeral and I told him about it. Leon said that as we grow older, we will see more of these things and we have to just get used to it. It's part and parcel of life. Somehow, it's a very simple concept, yet it's so difficult to fathom.
To us, my friend's brother has gone to a better place to spend eternal life with our Father in heaven. It is not goodbye, but merely a farewell because we will all meet again one day and dance on streets of gold. Rest in peace, Eric.
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