Self Discovery

I'm the type where I can't seem to keep things to myself. No, I don't mean that I like to gossip. I like sharing stuff. I mean, if I know of something good, I’d pass it on. If I found a new band, I’d like to tell someone about how cool they sound. But then again, not everyone wants to be on the receiving end of my sharing. Different people have different tastes in music and I can’t shove it down their throats. I shouldn’t get upset if they don’t dig what I dig. I can’t help it though because I’m passionate about music. It’s the blood in my veins.

I also found that I need to share my frustration. I can’t keep it inside because if I do, I’d explode and that’ll be a lot worse for the people around me. But hey, if people don’t even want to be on the receiving end of good things, why would they want to lend me their ears so I could release and feel better?

I feel heaps better once I’ve said my share. Then, everything fades away and everything becomes better. It’s as if nothing ever happened.

I also found that I feel inspired when I’m down or angry. That’s when I’d have things to say! So, that’s when I’d end up writing a lot. In some weird way, if I remain pissed off all the time, I’d probably be very productive and write a whole album in a short frame of time. But I can’t be mad all the time. There’s room for the good stuff as well.

Again, different people are inspired in different ways. Different people deal differently. Some keep thoughts deep inside, some scream about them.

Another way to stay inspired is to incorporate change. I need a journal. A hard copy. I need to write. At least, in a private journal, I could say whatever I want to say, when no one wants to listen and no one has to ever read it. It's a win-win situation. That way, the crap songs will not surface. Haha.

There’s no end to self discovery. That’s for sure.
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