Mayday! Venue Stinks!

You know what's the worst thing about gigs? Drunkards! Yes, that's right. Bloody drunkards! It's great that you are having a good time and it really helps the bands play better too with a wild crowd but watch out for people around you. Don't be an idiot and fall over like a dufus. If you can't hold your drink, then don't drink.
There's a line between a "good" wild crowd that is really into a band and a "stupid" wild crowd that is drunk anyway and couldn't careless about the band. The latter distracts the bands.
I have nothing against drinking, drink all you want. Pass out on the floor, look stupid, appear in the news, be the loser that you are for all I care, but don't take innocent people down with you. Simple.
I used to love the Billboard, but after tonight, everything changed. The old bouncers were real cool. Now, they're just like anywhere else, plain crap bouncers. The crowd is crap. The ticketing is crap. Plus, worst of all, the sound wasn't spot on as always. It was just average during Paramore's and Mayday Parade's sets. Despite Paramore's and Mayday Parede's awesome sets, the venue was a big let down.
Oh well, there goes another good venue, gone down the classic, "we're, oh, so cool now, we can treat everyone like crap and slack off" drain.
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