I was watching Def Leppard's, the making of Hysteria DVD from the Classic Albums series earlier today. I love the Classic Albums series simply because of its awesome format.
The DVD is a documentary, taking us through the making of each song on the album and featuring interviews with the band members, producers, managers and various people involved in the making of the classic record. The cool part about this series is that there will always be segments where the band members will show us different parts of a song such as the instrumentation, vocal parts, effects and various nuances in the recording by solo-ing a particular track or raising certain tracks to make them sound more obvious. It's such an eye opener watching them point things out.
I've watched a few DVDs from this series now and I've bought a few more that I have yet to watch. Some of these titles include Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Queen and Nirvana.
It makes me wonder though, do bands make classic albums these days? Are there any albums made today that stand out as a potential classic in ten years to come? I mean, Def Leppard's Hysteria defined the 80's. What defines the 90's and now? There's heaps of great music out there, but at the moment, nothing seems to compare to these great classics, regardless or genre.
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