Rollercoaster Weekend

There goes the weekend again and it’s almost the end of Monday already. It was pretty interesting, I guess.

I went to see Paramore and Mayday Parade on Friday which was filled with mixed feelings. I really enjoyed the bands but the venue was a pain.

On Saturday I went had a really nice late breakfast because the food was awesome, but the vibe wasn’t as good as the previous times I went to that particular café. Once of the staff was rude and the overall vibe just wasn’t right. To top it off, two of the patrons seated around us found plastic in their food!

Sunday came and it started off very rocky as I felt I didn’t do such a great job with mixing at church. I was dead tired by Sunday too and that made me really grumpy around lunchtime. Lunch wasn’t too bad although the restaurant was a bit under-staffed and the service wasn’t that great. It really got better when I went to the State Theater to watch a musical called 42nd Street! The lights, music, cast and everything about it was brilliant. It was simply awesome! Plus the coffee there was fantastic!

In the spirit of the arts, I headed to the Pixar 20th Anniversary exhibition earlier today. I wish photography were permitted inside because the displays were really cool. It’s amazing how much work goes into an animation production. It was a little pricy but I guess it’s the experience that counts.
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  1. # Blogger soraya barakbah

    42nd street is showing at the theatre near my place.. should i go watch?  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    yes! you should definitely go watch it. the cast may be different from the one here, but I'm sure it'll be as good. I had a great time. It's very predictable la, but it's good! hehe  

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