If It Never Happened

People make mistakes and it can only go two ways. It could either destroy you if you allow it to consume you or it will make you twice as strong if you choose to rise above the situation. Today, I had to make the decision to choose the latter.
Today, I felt like I've made a few mistakes and it almost swallowed me whole. It's not that big a deal though, it would have been forgotten 3 minutes after it happened, but I knew exactly what it was. It eats me up inside to know that I was responsible for a potential disaster.
In the eyes of the multitudes, nothing close to a disaster was even detected but there was a minority who knew what was happening. It doesn't help that I am my biggest critic too. But it's time to stop kicking myself because if these mistakes weren't made now, I would have never learnt.
Like a baby, we trip, we fall but in the following seconds, we pick ourselves up, continue walking in stride and in no time, we'd be running. This doesn't mean that we will never trip again though but when we do, we could look back and realise that we can easily pick ourselves up again. Plus, if it weren't for these little mistakes here and there to keep ourselves in check, we'd never know what to look out for.
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