Sing Sing South

Two weeks ago my class went on an excursion. It's not the usual excursion where you just watch stuff. This is the real deal. We went to three leading studios in Melbourne to observe the recording, mixing and mastering processes in the real world. Let's take a trip!

First up, we went to Sing Sing South to record the band. Black Level Embassy was our band and Matt Voigt (Kiss, The Killers, The Blackeyed Peas, The Dirty Three, Cat Power, The Living End, Powderfinger, Augie March) was the recording engineer.

The good ol' Marshall stack

You know what they say, a picture's worth a thousand words.

There's a little console behind the drum kit, near the right floor tom. That's the headphone mixer. Each musician gets a split of all the signals and they could make their own mix for their headphones.

Matt wiring up the patch bay

Here's a good "before" picture of the patchbay. The "after" coming up...

Do not let the looks of this console fool you. It's a custom Neve.

The red light is on

The "after" patchbay picture

Matt doing his thang!

Andres, Damo, Anj & me

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