Huge Thanks!

The cosy venue at The Exchange Hotel

DJ B2WO, da man himself a.k.a. co-organizer of the gig. Thanks bro!

Yours truly, the red returns!

The very talented, Ian Wilks. I had the pleasure of working with him in the studio not too long ago and I am scheduling more sessions.

The Broken Scar crew! Well, this shot was with those who hung out till the end of the gig, thanks guys. Sorry we didn't all get to take a massive group photo. A million thanks to everyone who turned up.

I had a great time and I hope you enjoyed yourselves at the gig too. I knew I had a fantastic night when the six songs just went by so quickly and before I knew it, I was playing the last song already. Oh, you all sounded beautiful singing along to the songs. You're like my dream choir! Thanks for the support!

For those who might want to know my set list for the night, here goes:

Venus In September
Hey You
Shooting Star
Until I Fall (The new track I've been working on)

Hope to see you at the next show. Cheers!

Broken Scar's album, Midnight In St. Kilda is available on

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  1. # Blogger Jie Juan/Static Spike

    Woah dude! How did you manage to get a crew for Broken Scar in Australia mate? Thats great!  

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