It's A New Day

Today is a brand new day. I'm slowly starting to get my grip again.
The last few weeks has been tormenting. At first, I struggled with my hard disk running out of space. As if that wasn't a big issue enough, it burnt eventually. It literally burnt. The controller chip burnt and along with it, my years of work, photos and videos of memories are now inaccessible. I was in panic mode. If you're thinking why I didn't back up the data, it's because I didn't have the capacity of backing up 200GBs of data at the time.
But I believe, when there is crisis, there is always hope. Although my hard disk is not fixed yet, I can honestly say, that through this time, I've learnt that there are heaps of kind people around me, that has been offering to help out in every way possible. They expressed concern for me emotionally as well as offered practical help, all which I greatly appreciate. Thanks to the lovely people around me, I'm getting my grip.
So right now, the disk will be travelling back to Malaysia to see a data recovery doctor. They say that even if the data is recovered, it will not be a 100% recovery. The chances are 80% to 85%, which is still very good odds. However, there is also a risk that the entire hard disk will be physically damaged that nothing can be recovered. Fingers crossed, I'm hoping for the best.
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