Limited Colors

It seems like I all I ever wear is either the same black or red t-shirt, but that's only because my two favourite colors are red and black but the tees are not the SAME. Why black and red? Black because it is timeless and red because it is the new black. So if you'd open up my closet, all you'll see is a whole row of reds and a whole row of blacks, with some misc. colors at the end of the row. Basically, same color, different design.

2 Responses to “Limited Colors”

  1. # Blogger Mist

    and here I thought.. you were worshipping the colours of spideyman.. or is it because... spidey's red and black that he's in? ;) hehehe  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Worshipping Spidey's colors? Not quite. Hehe. I just so happen to like the same colors as he does. If that makes any sense at all. LOL  

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