First Week Of Touring

I just returned from the first week of touring on the Xfresh Xplorer for the Xfresh FM Road Trip. The trip so far covered KL, Nilai, Seremban and Melaka. Though it was just one week, it felt like a month no thanks to the extreme heat. Despite all the hiccups, it was indeed a great week.

The highlight of the first week would have to be the last day where everyone was signing each others t-shirts. The artists, the Xfresh managers, the awesome Street Surfers, DJ and even our tour bus driver all contributed to the signatures on the t-shirt. It felt like a farewell already. Again, it was a great week.

Indrani, Saer Ze and Mass Raw were on the road with us. Going on tour not knowing who the artistes were was interesting. Spencer, the guitarist of Indrani is an old school friends and Saer Ze was a college friend. Catching up with them, recalling the past and laughing about the silly things were just amazing and amusing at the same time. Not only did I catch up with old friends, I made new friends along the way. Again, it was a great week.

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