Story Of The Year

Watching Story Of The Year live on DVD has made me want to play the electric guitar again, go workout till I become stick thin all over again like in the past, jump around like a maniac and go on long tours. Watching them on DVD is already amazing, imagine watching them live?

I was asked what my dream was yesterday. I didn’t have quite a specific answer as there isn’t just one dream to nail. After today, I think one of the smaller dreams would be to see Story Of The Year and all my favourite bands live.

When I was in Melbourne, I went to as many gigs as I could afford to and it didn’t matter if there bands aren’t on my top ten list because I appreciate music in all forms anyway. Yes, there were great shows that I saw, but I think watching my top ten favourite bands would top them all, not in a negative way of course.

My one wish right now is to catch Taste Of Chaos. I’m not gonna sit and whine, complaining that these shows never comes to Malaysia. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Go instead of waiting for them to come.

Though I love all sorts of music, my deep rooting for rock is becoming clearer and more defined. It’s slowly narrowing down, but all in a good way. The three things that interest me lately are vocal melody, lyrics, and catchy guitar lines.

Maybe I’ve got a split music personality, one being the acoustic and the other the electric. I love writing on the acoustic and playing the songs both solo and as a band. It feels safe, comfortable and expression seems more fluid. On the other hand, I’d like to be dangerous, unpredictable and just rock out. The John’s Mistress days gave me the chance to really rock out. I didn’t really sing much and had the chance to rock out the guitar.

There’s this band/artiste/actor/actress naming game where someone names a band/artiste/actor/actress with a letter given and the second person would have to name another band/artiste/actor/actress with the last letter of the first one named. If I were to play that game, I’d probably be disqualified because the judges would probably not know those bands and think that I’m making them up. These bands aren’t too underground or way out there. It’s just different.

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