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The whole of last week has shown me so much that I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s try to recall…

I’ve just returned from the Xfresh Road Trip. It’s the Xfresh Tour that I was raving about that started at the beginning of March and will end in two weeks time. It was the JB leg of the tour that I was really involved in and it was one of the first times ever that Broken Scar performed solo, with a minus one CD and me just singing. It felt strange and liberating at the same time. Strange because I wasn’t too sure what to do with my hands because I normally play the guitar and sing. The last time I just sang was quite some time ago when I was singing with my old band Obsidian Void. It was liberating because I didn’t have to worry about what chords to play and I can move around freely, though it lacked the feel of a real band backing me like it was with Obsidian Void. So, the whole time I imagined my Alda, Manshaan and Zack were backing me up in the background, since they were on the CD. I guess it’s all in the mind.

We were at two locations per day and each artiste performed two songs per set. All the locations were outdoor. The bus pulled up in every location and was all set up. We all performed on the roof of the bus. The pictures will do all the describing.

At the studio with DJ Rizal, Indrani and MIX

Soundcheck @ Jaya Jusco


Collaboration with MC Wayne of MIX

Chilling out inside the bus. Ijai of Indrani on the right.

The sky is my background @ Danga Bay

More chillin out inside the bus

Here’s the breakdown.

22 March 2006 (Wednesday): Travel from KL to JB
23 March 2006 (Thursday): UTM and Olympia College
24 March 2006 (Friday): Jaya Jusco Jalan Tebrau and UTM
25 March 2006 (Saturday): Danga Bay

Here’s a huge shout-out to everyone in JB for all the support at the above mentioned locations. Thanks for the amazing support. You guys rock!

I had heaps of fun partying with all the other artistes, MIX and Indrani as well as all the Xfresh crew.

By the end of the leg, I was all drained out and my voice was hoarse as a horse. I sometimes wonder how those other bands handle tours. Going on the road is not an easy task at all. Thank you Xfresh for making this tour such great fun.

27 March 2006

After the tour, it was refreshing once again to play indoors, armed with a guitar and backed up by Alda on bass at Actors Studio for a charity event called Slow Jams, organized by Izzy and her team at HELP Institute.

I arrived at Actors Studio for soundcheck and when I stepped in the front door, the first thing that came to my mind was “Stories For Ah Mah”, a play a saw a few years ago in the same room. Then the fact that it was freezing cold in there registered. But there’s just this very warm fuzzy vibe about the room despite the cold. The lighting reminds me of the opening sequence to Mr. Bean.

The sound system in there was simply fantastic. It just gets better and better. Monitoring was a little disorientating because I could hear both the monitors and Front Of House speakers and it was difficult to localize the direction the source.

Once soundcheck was done, it was chillout time and before I knew it, it was dinner time. After dinner and hanging out, all the performers took their place backstage getting ready for each one’s slot.

Broken Scar was up and we hopped on stage. We moved around more than usual just to keep warm. So we belted out three fast songs, Down, The Bleeding Confession and Scratch.

It was very dark in the room and I could hardly see the audience, but here’s to all of you who turned up on Monday night. None of this would have been possible without you. I’d also like to say thank you to Izzy and her team mates, the emcees, Actors Studio for providing the venue, the sponsors and Hitz.tv for filming our set

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