With Strings Attached



There’s this very nice feeling to slap on a brand new set of strings on an acoustic guitar. It just stirs up a very special emotion in me when I hear the body reacting to the new strings and resonating with it. There’s also this brightness, like sunshine after a storm, ringing and the sustain is just so sweet.

The pictures unfortunately were taken of my performing guitar with very old strings. It is very uninspiring to play a guitar with dead strings. No ringing, no resonance, no brightness. The reason I had to put up with this is because, if I change the strings now, I’d have to change it before the gig again, as I always do every gig.

I know it’s not something that musicians do, to play their principal instrument in a condition like this. I know if the instrument doesn’t react to your fingers and it doesn’t make you childlike happy, you shouldn’t even bother. But hey, I’m thinking economical. Suffer a little now, brave through it and enjoy later.

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  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    Perhaps the only thing a guy would like with strings attached. *smirk*  

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