Songwriters Avenue

Shelley Leong presents:

Songwriters Avenue is a new gig organised by singer-songwriter, Shelley Leong to encourage the continued growth of original material by songwriters.
A place to go to where its warm and cosy, where the air is filled with great music …where songwriters and friends gather to share a good time.
An opportunity for up and coming and established songwriters to showcase their original material in a conducive environment.

Venue: Le Benardin (upstairs lounge), Changkat Bukit Bintang
Date: 20th November 2004, Saturday, 9.30pm start

(There is no cover charge, so buy plenty of drinks)

Featuring a new breed of singer-songwriters including Khai, Broken Scar and Zalila Lee. Open mic at the end. Come enjoy something different and discover some amazing new talents right at your doorstep.

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Find out more about our featured performers:

(these are basically up and coming talented musician/songwriters whom I’ve seen perform extensively in other circuits. Though still relatively so called ‘fresh faces’, they are really interesting, entertaining, strong performers and write great material. Presenting:…)

Biography of:
From punk to ska to rock n' roll and a touch of blues, Khai (not to be confused with the Akademi Fantasia guy) has been writing three chord songs full of wit and humor since he first picked up his mother's classical guitar at the age of 16. Ex-frontman of Khaimano and currently bassist to Y2k and guitarist to Triple 6 Poser, his occasional solo spots are stripped down affairs combining his songs from all the bands he's played in plus a few he's kept for himself. He may not be the most skilled guitarist and his singing may not be pitch perfect, but what he lacks in proficiency he more than makes up for with attitude and a large vat of instant danish green fondue strudel mix.
For more info, check out his blog at

He spills his heart out when he writes and sings with eyes closed. His musical style has been compared to that of a mellower Creed and the Goo Goo Dolls. Consisting of only one member, Kevin Teh is Broken Scar, a one-man singer-songwriter who specializes in acoustic guitar-based music accompanied by a full-bodied voice.

Although most well known for his song "Scratch", Broken Scar continues to write his own songs whenever inspiration strikes a chord in him (no pun intended).

He may not always look approachable but that's only because he gets too engrossed in his thoughts sometimes (and sometimes it’s just spacing out for no apparent reason), but Broken Scar is ever willing to have a chat and is very appreciative of any comments the general public may have of his music.

Since early 2003, Broken Scar has played at various gigs in the Klang Valley. Among the more memorable ones were Unplugged at Paul's - Acousticfest, Poser-O-Rama and the recent Klue & Starbucks Chillout Series.Rumour has it that some have gone home after attending his gigs and had his melodies playing in their heads for days after. How far this is true, who knows? Why don't you find out for yourself?

She is one kick-ass amazing performer with her heart-moving vocals and solid guitar playing. Come see!

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