Waves In The Air

How does it feel like to work extra hours, slaving, running around like a mad man searching for material, staring at a screen intently almost blinding your eyes, clicking the mouse vigorously, listening to every frame, counting beats as if counting a thousand fifty dollar notes, put yourself in a panic mode because time is running out and getting frustrated because you can’t find certain things you’re looking for?

You’d probably get sick and tired, frustrated and grumble at the above. One might probably give up.

But I can guarantee you one thing. If you’re doing all of the above because it’s something you’re passionate about and you love doing it, you’ll end up enjoying yourself and having a ball.

Do you know what it feels like to create something out of thin air? Do you know what joy that brings a person?

Have you felt like you’ve worked on something so minor, but with effort as if you’re building a jet and at the end of it you’re able to smile to yourself and say, “hey, I did it”?

Have you ever felt like although what you have done is something small in someone else’s eyes, but it brought you major happiness because it was one of your very first times doing it?

I’m thankful I was able to feel all these feelings which I can’t even get close to describing it.

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