Light And Darkness


What can be more soothing than the sound of pouring rain?

Close your eyes. Listen.

The raindrops are now hitting the rooftop, creating streams on the road outside the gate and creating gushing sounds on the floor. Picture the smell of rain on the sun-dried floor outside.

There's just this special feeling that stirs up inside me every single time I hear the rain. It doesn't matter if it's a slight drizzle or the most brutal thunderstorm.

Technically, the sound of rain is some sort of randomly filtered white noise. Don't even bother trying to recreate it digitally. There's nothing like the real thing.

Close your eyes again.

Imagine this, a black out, everything's dark and quiet, candles lit and placed all over the room, the glow from the candle’s flame dancing the night away, slight drizzle out the window providing the ambience. This is just the perfect mood to pick up the good ol' guitar and play Midnight In St. Kilda, an original Broken Scar composition.

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  1. # Blogger Shavain

    I love listening to rain =)

    Been a habit since I was a little girl to sit by my window, watch the sparrows perched on my window grille, seeking shelter from the pouring rain, fluffing, puffing themselves up...

    Watching rain can be very hypnotic, very soothing. The fact that something so beautiful is right there in front of me, colorless, odorless and without form...that's just...indescribable =)  

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