Two Things

Number one, if you haven’t bought yourself a copy of the latest Damn Dirty Apes album, “Ape Kill Ape”, do all that it takes to own one for yourself. Ian is ever ready to sell you one. I’m not saying all these because DDA happens to be a close friend’s band but because the CD itself speaks for itself and will blow you away.

Close your eyes, listen and let your imagination run wild. DDA will take you on a rollercoaster emotional experience you will never forget. You can relive the experience every single time you listen to the CD or you can experience it in a totally different way the next time around. That’s DDA’s latest, Ape Kill Ape.
(I'm not going to review the album in anyway. I'll leave it up to you to interpret the album)

Number two, I think I don’t quite like interviews. I’d rather stick to just playing music. Let the music speak for itself and talk less. I don’t know. Yesterday’s interview with Xfresh FM was fun, nonetheless. The best part was the time spent with the band. Here’s to the band!

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