Oxtober Stix

Today will never be the same again.

Just look up and you shall be enlightened.

Today has not been too kind, musically, as bacteria has been hovering the top of my throat all day. Haven't gotten around working on the vocal parts for new songs. However, the guitar parts are falling into place, bit by bit.

Alternate tunings are simply awesome. This I owe it to both John Rzeznik and Az A. Samad. I've been writing some new tunes based on the DADGAD tuning. Love the sound of of strings ringing in sympathy with the entire open chord.

With all these different tunings, I'm gonna have a hard time tuning during gigs if I don't have more than one guitar. Anyone care to donate?

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  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    Ain't got the moolah to donate a guitar.

    Maybe if I sold a kidney.  

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