Silvan Reservoir Park

This was another spot we stumbled upon during our Eastern adventures.

Welcome to Silvan Reservoir Park.

The view of the reservoir was just breathtaking.

I know, every picture like this looks the same. A whole lot of green. But I love it.

These ants were huge. Well, not humongous but definitely larger than the common Malaysian ant.

Isn't this sight postcard material?

The picnic spots at this park is awesome. Can't wait to come back for a picnic or a barbie.

Spotted a monkey in the forest.

The series of photos next were exactly how I saw it in real life.

First, I saw this sign that wasn't unusual at park exits.

Then, as I approached the exit gate, I saw this on the ground! This looks like one of those spike strips they use in the movies to puncture your tyres and as you are in distress, robbers jump out to rob you. So I made a u-turn and drove the other way.

Then this sign appeared! I thought to myself, hey, if I'm driving the wrong way towards the entrance, there may well be another spike strip there. So I made a u-turn again and headed to the exit gate before. I got out of the car and stepped onto the strip and it turns out, the spikes will depress when you drive over it, from the right direction. Phew!

Before we left, we took a picture of those short trees, assuming that they were newly planted so that when we come back next time, we can see how much they have grown.
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