River Dance

What better way to spend a day off than having a picnic at the park and look at who decided to show up.

Kookaburra, up close and personal. Just when I thought this was a pretty good photo, I saw this other one HERE.

and a few cockatoos joined in to suss out the food we brought. After they realised they weren't getting anything from us, they all flew off. It's awesome to see these birds just in the open like this rather than in captivity. I am absolutely loving it!

I was quite baffled the first time I saw this sign. What do they mean? I understand the last one as it's clearly "no diving", but what about the third one? River dance allowed?

The Yarra River

What's a picnic without the food eh? Fresh avacado rocks!

Hommus, avacado and salmon sandwich.

Flavoured cheese. Yum!

The Coles Home Brand hommus was really tasty...

...and so was the bread. I'm happy to do Home Brand. So far so good.

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