An Autumn Gray Symphony

On Sunday, 17th October, I mixed An Autumn Gray Symphony at BMW Edge, Federation Square which was one of the highlights of my mixing career as an audio engineer. The entire set up of over 30 plus inputs on the mixing desk was for Orchestra Nouveau (40 piece orchestra) and Autumn Gray (7 piece rock band). It was a challenge having so many inputs as well as a very reverberant room to manage but it was exhilarating! It was heaps of fun to work with the variety and sheer number of microphones available on the day.

It was a privilege and honour to work on such a huge project like this alongside an amazing production team! Everything ran like clockwork. Zach Tay, hats off to you brother!

The opening band, Sleep Decade were amazing and their music suited the night perfectly. When Autumn Gray and Orchestra Nouveau came on, let's just say that the rest was history and the night was permanently engraved into my skull. Amazing musical trip! You have to keep your ear and eye out for another one of these concerts in the future. I can't begin to tell you how much you missed out!

Here are some photos.

Sound checking the band and the orchestra.

Before we hit the lights.

After. Simply magic! Photo taken by Damien Weatherley.
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