Because I Can't Draw

I can't even remember the last time I painted something, unless you consider painting the house or gate as painting. Even so, it has been ages! I think the last painting I did was when I was in high school. I loved art class in school and I think it would be my second favourite subject, after English of course. I wonder what happened along the way. I don't know why I just stopped painting. Maybe music took over or simply because I never dared to take the risk with my painting. This was something I discovered today.

Armed with encouragement from the wife, I went out to buy some art supplies and attempted my first ever art on canvas! There was nothing to lose. The paint set came with oil, acrylic and water colour. I messed around with water colour first because that's something I'm familiar with as I've never used oil or acrylic before and this was the mess I made!

It went straight up on the wall. I must say, for the very first attempt, I'm pretty proud of what I did as it's been something that I really liked and something that I wanted to make for a very long time now. I am glad I made my first step today. I'm going to go buy more canvas and play with the other paints soon! RAWK!

You reckon anyone would buy it, if I sell this for $200? haha!
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