Asami's EP Launch

Usually when you walk in to a gig, it would have already started and the band on stage would have been playing their second or third song by then. I had some free time after setting up and doing a sound check for Asami and Emily Trembath so I took some photos. It's times like these I wish I had a good camera to take some good shots. So here are some shots most people don't see because usually no one even knows these things happen before a gig.

The Workers Club had a really nice work space for me. A long bench to put all my gear and a mixing desk that can handle the night just fine. A bigger desk with more channels would have been ideal, but I made it all happen anyway.

The stage, after it was nicely set up, cables tidied up and the bands well sound checked, before the massive crowd arrived.

The "before" look at the room

I was trying to capture a photo to give you the feel of what it would be like if you were up there on stage.

Emily Trembath

The Vulpine

The photos aren't great I know but at least it will serve as good reminders of the awesome moments spent at Asami's EP launch. Plus, I took these shots while mixing.

Looking through my booth. Packed like sardines. Woot!

Asami and band playing to a full house at their sold out EP launch! Check out the number of people in the room? What an awesome sight! Drastically different from the "before" photo.

It was a treat to mix at Asami's EP launch especially because it was sold out and the room was packed to the brim.

Here's to Asami and band, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR EP LAUNCH!! You're a legend!

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