Goodbye Saturday Afternoon



Photos courtesy of Yih Hoong

Emotions were flying all over the room at Miss Libertine on Thursday night. On one hand, Tjin, Danny and myself were pumped to play the gig but on the other, I felt sad that the whole reason we were doing this show was giving Fariz of Saturday Afternoon a farewell. I hate farewells.

On the up side, this gig was the first time I lugged my new Deville out and by the end of the night, I almost broke my back from lugging all my gear. If it weren't for Danny helping me, I would have definitely broken my back. It was so worth it though because the Deville sounded amazing and my board is close to being complete. All I need is a slightly better tap tempo switch, tidy up the wiring and Velcro all my pedals down permanently.

All in all, we had a great time rocking out that night and we couldn't have asked for more. Tee, Asami and Saturday Afternoon sounded played amazing solid sets. I had so much fun just hanging out and watching all the performers. It's one of those gigs where it's just all about friendship where you'd know almost everyone in the room. A million thanks to all our friends for coming out to support us. You guys are legends!

Fariz, all the best in all that you do back in KL. We'll miss you brother! Keep the awesome music coming. Geography should never get in the way. Cheers!
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