A Whole Lotta Curry

If you're living in Melbourne and you're craving Indian food that'll blow your mind, you'll have to head down to Malabar Hut on Sydney Road. I went there last night with some of the most awesome friends in the world for an Indian feast. It was a humble looking restaurant, not the fine dining, pretentious and overpriced type but the type that was all about the food. We had roti, three different briyani rice (lamb, chicken, mutton), a chicken masala, butter prawn and a few other curries. The highlight for me was the generous raita, yogurt mixed with onions and vegetables that went together with the curries perfectly. To top the meal off, we had a roti bomb that was a little different from the ones in Malaysia but it was awesome, nonetheless.

After dinner, we headed to Tam's, also known as the party house, to play some Rockband and Singstar while we waited for the Germany vs Argentina match to start. This house has the works. Rockband guitar, drums, microphones, iPad, Xbox, super huge TV and not to forget a killer massage chair! Oh, and I was hooked to Pacman on Tam's new iPad. I just love old skool arcade games. When I can, I'd love to buy an arcade machine as I was told it costs $3000 to get one where you can load a stack of games on.

At midnight, we put the games aside for the World Cup. I must say, watching the match with friends was definitely fun, but despite the action, I must admit, I did fall asleep on the couch. I guess watching Germany thrash Argentina wasn't enough to keep me awake throughout the whole match. Haha! I'm such a non-soccer person. Well, at least I watched one match so far right?

Finally, as they say, all good things must come to an end. It meant more to me than just the end of a fun night out. A couple whom I love dearly and regard as family will be heading back to Malaysia real soon and dealing with that has been hard. People come and go as the seasons change and I guess it's all part and parcel of life but these guys are not just "any" people. They're extraordinary people and such great friends. Gonna miss them heaps! But in the mean time, while they're still here, we're definitely going to party it up!

And if you're interested, here's Google's tribute to Pacman. Click on the picture to play the game.


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