Sweet Little Surprises

Winter came early this year as it started to get cold at the end of April but I forgot how cold it actually gets during the coldest point of winter. It's just like how, in this cold, I have forgotten how hot it gets in Summer. Anyway, I'm really enjoying the 10-12 degree cold weather and it sure beats the Summer heat. It gets a little difficult when it rains though if you have to be out and about. You just want to jump under the covers and not have to go out.

The weekend was a little bit like that. It rained in the mornings but slowly cleared out later in the day. All that really prepared me for tonight though as it was freezing out in St. Kilda. I was mixing Preston Perche at The Espy front bar and the girls were amazing as always. Had a great time mixing them! After the mixing was over, I headed out to wait for the tram and it was drizzling a bit. It was really cold, but somehow, there was something very surreal about it. It brought me back to the first time I ever visited St. Kilda. Now it seems like almost a second home to me. Ah, life and its sweet little surprises.
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