Apple Pie

The iPad was recently launched in Australia and there were reports of fans lining up for 29 hours or more to be one of the firsts to get their hands on one.

"...and the first iPad owners behaved like they've won the lottery"
, Brisbane Times

I don't understand the need to be the first to get one. I mean, what's the difference between getting one on the day it is launched or a few months later? It's not like the stocks are going to run out? Apple is a money making machine and the only reason the stocks would run out is probably going to be a publicity stunt to generate more hype anyway. So why bother? I still haven't bothered to check out the iPad.

I mean come on, iPad owners behaving like they've won the lottery? What do you get for being the first to own an iPad? Bragging rights? Think about it, Apple is the real winner here. They've hit the jackpot, big time.


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