There's A Part Three

Yes, it turns out there's a part three to the fishing at Buxton series. We caught quite a lot of fish so each of us brought some home to cook on another day. I took one trout home. Knowing where the fish came from and the fact that it was caught with our own hands gave me the confidence that the fish was still going to be fresh despite freezing it and keeping it for a few days.

So, this was a few days after the fishing trip.

I don't even know why I had the knife and chopping board out seeing that the fish was already nicely cleaned and that we were going to cook the fish whole.

Made up a simple salad to go with the fish. I had a thing for walnuts at the time so there were walnuts, cherry tomatoes, spinach, rocket and cucumber in there. I squeezed some lemon juice and added a dash of salt and pepper. Easy as!

Bang on the lemon and herbs, wrap in foil then chuck it into the oven. One of our best home-cooked meals to date plus it was so easy to make. Eating fish that you caught with your own hands is one of the best feelings ever!

P/S: I've been using "we" a lot in my posts lately and if it seems like it's not referring directly to anyone in the post, it is more than likely referring to me and the wife. :)

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