At The River's Edge

I had to drop off some documents at Southbank earlier today. Immediately after doing so, I walked along the river so freely, like a burden has been lifted. I took a seat on a bench and just stared at the scenery right in front of me. My mind was free to wander off in any direction. I listened to the sound of the city and imagined, what if there was a switch that could turn all that sound off and in one swift motion, the soundtrack of this scene would just disappear. I thought to myself, what would that scene look like? Would it be drastically different without the sounds? My mind wasn't cluttered anymore from ticking off the to-do list and chasing a mad deadline. I had time to imagine again.

Then I saw a woman across the river walking towards the edge and she just stopped, rested on the railing and peered out into the river. She was so far away, it's as though she made all these movements without a sound. It was cool observation because this woman took the time to stop, relax and take in the scenery, just like I was doing, across the other side of the river. Soon after that, a man jogged past and as expected, made no sound. I thought to myself, it is the mixture of all these movements that contribute to the sounds of the city, yet, when I observed them, they made no sound because they were a distance away. It was as if the soundtrack was stripped off. So there you go, I got the answer to my question, "what would it be like if there was no soundtrack to this scene?".

Shortly after my daydreaming, a seagull flew in and landed on the railing in front of me. I noticed something that I never did before. The seagull's feet were webbed and that meant it didn't have a very good grip on the railing. Being a bird, I figured its bones would probably be light too, enabling its flight ability. So when the wind blew, I noticed that the seagull didn't really have all that much resistance so it glided along the railing ever so slightly as it walks. I watched it for a while. Then the best part came. It stood still for a while, took a crap, jumped off the railing and flew off over the river gracefully, leaving the crime scene behind so easily. It was time for me to get up and go too.

Having a little more time to kill, I went to Allans Music and bought myself a Fast Fret string cleaner. I love it and having played a show without it once is enough to make me realise I've become quite fond of it. You'd miss something when it's not there. Music accessories are so expensive these days though. So whoever is coming to Melbourne from Malaysia, please buy some for me? Gonna need strings too!

Getting up from my spot on the bench by the river and entering the city meant I had to get out of my imaginary mode and enter real life again, but it was good, just to sit back, relax, observed and let go for a while.
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