Neglected Again

So Facebook and Twitter seem to be the go these days and after micro-blogging, I tend to think that I've said everything in short bursts periodically that I forget I actually have a blog to update! I have also been terrible with my Lick My Pick Series. I gotta get that happening again soon.

Anyway, I had a great night mixing at The Limelight earlier tonight and I think the best part was getting to meet new people and catching up with familiar faces. I guess music has got its way of connecting people. If you didn't make it to The Limelight @ Miss Libertine, what can I saw, you really missed out big time because all the acts were amazing tonight! Come to the next one on 18th May.

On a completely different note, there's this site called and when I used to see those signs with bad English on them, I used to laugh but now they just make me sick. I mean, how could people actually dare put up signboards with bad English on them? Couldn't they at least get a proper translator or someone to proof read them before they get printed? I mean, it's fine that blogs have typos or bad grammar but these are signboards we're talking about here. Ah, it's that time of the night. I'm just ranting. I'm probably gonna regret this tomorrow anyway. Oh well...

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