After Pandora stopped working in Australia due to licensing and copyright reasons, I only stumble on new music through MySpace, YouTube and word of mouth. I just realised I haven't actively looked for new music for a while now. I also didn't know which online radio to listen to until I found Grooveshark. I like how it reminds me of Pandora and how I can just load up a playlist of popular music. I've found a few good bands but playing through the playlist, I just realised that these days mainstream equals R&B and hip hop! I find myself having to skip loads of songs before something good comes up, something good in my preference that is.

The good thing about Grooveshark is that there are no advertisements unlike commercial radio. It's just pure music. The only problem though is the popular music playlist sounds exactly like commercial radio! We're back to square one. So is the general public genuinely loving these overly auto-tuned tracks out there or is there another force behind it, pushing these tracks and artistes forward into the mainstream? How much of it is marketing and how much of it is actual music enjoyment?

Oh well,
thank God you can build your own playlist from the site's large music bank. As I typed this, I've skipped 8 songs to find something that has the slightest hint of rock.


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