John Mayer Live @ Rod Laver

It was an overall great night out watching John Mayer live in action although he didn't do as many guitar solos as the last gig I saw. In my opinion, Orianthi's mix wasn't great. The backup vocals were inaudible and her guitar was louder than the drums even. I mean, I know Orianthi's the star and all, but the mix could have been more balanced. I got worried, thinking that it was coz I was seated on the side and not getting a center FOH mix. Then JM came on stage and the sound was just mind blowing. Perfect mix! John Mayer definitely has the works!

Orianthi opens the night

Orianthi shredding away

The crew rolled out the carpets for John Mayer's set

...and he strips things down in the middle of the set

John Mayer's shows always has good lighting, just that I thought compared to the last JM gig I went to, this wasn't as flash.

JM fans

...thank you and goodnight
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