Catch Of The Day: Part Two

After posting the first part and getting comments from Dan on Facebook, I realised that I forgot to talk about what happened after we caught all that salmon and trout! Got too excited with the fishing part, I guess.

At first, we were tempted to make sashimi out of the salmon but we weren't sure if they were the same grade as those used for sashimi. The ones we caught looked really pale while the sashimi ones are usually more orange and vibrant. I should probably look it up to find out why there was a difference eh?

So, we ended up bbq-ing the trout and salmon with some lemon and herbs as planned. We kept it as simple as possible because the fish was so fresh we didn't wanna ruin them. We had a feast that day and the reason why there weren't many pictures of the food was because we were just too busy eating it all up! There were sausages, salad, noodles and a whole lot of salmon and trout!

I haven't had whole fish for a while as most fish here are huge and by the time we buy them, they are in fillets. So this was a very refreshing change.

We had a freezing start but it was great because I got to warm up in front of the fireplace! I love fireplaces! But the sun came out later and it was such a beautiful day.

This is one of those sights that you just need to be there for yourself to take in and enjoy. I could have stared at that tree for the longest time. It's like an explosion of colour!

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    Sweet! I made a reference to you on the post and thought of linking it too. It's THIS Dan. hehe  

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