On Vakay

I guess there could be a million and one things I could do on vacation but getting my priorities straight was the first on the list. With my priorities organised, it was only clear that I should spend my time relaxing and doing the things that really matter. A chunk of my trip home has been literally spent at home with the family so far and I wouldn't change a thing.

When you're relaxed, you'd just wanna kick back on the couch with a guitar. This is my brother's most recent purchase, the Ibanez Artcore which has been seen in many An Honest Mistake gigs.

There were heaps of new things for me this Chinese New Year. First, checking out my brother's new guitar then getting introduced to his dog Cleo. I've only had two short stints with pet dogs and it's refreshing this time round to get to play with one without the baggage of really taking full responsibility for it. Vacation pet?

Walking Cleo was quite funny. Myself being inexperienced with pets, at one point I asked myself, "Am I walking the dog or is the dog walking me?". Notice how Cleo's walking in front of me, leading the way?

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