Paul Gilbert's Killer Licks

So, some of you would already know by now through my Facebook and Twitter updates that I've been a little obsessed by Paul Gilbert's guitar playing lately. When I first started learning the electric guitar, I learnt a stack of classic rock riffs and licks from Deep Purple and the like but Mr. Big really stood out to me. I also bought some Paul Gilbert instructional videos and even though I couldn't play half the stuff on them back then, they still gave me great ideas and inspiration to write and play. With that said, Paul is just such a great teacher that he breaks things down and slows them down so that you can catch what he's doing. I reckon his instructional videos are the best. So I practiced and practiced using his instructional videos.

After a while though, I transitioned to writing on my acoustic that I left my electric playing behind a bit but now I'm hooked again!

It is a little weird though playing Paul Gilbert stuff on a Strat. I mean, Paul plays an Ibanez with humbucker pickups while I play them on a single coil Strat but it does open up a few things like tone and control for me. I still have my Ibanez RG 470 lying around at home in Malaysia and I wish I had it now, just for the sake of accessing the higher frets.

Anyway, playing on a Strat means I get to incoporate Paul's playing into my own playing style which has been a great adventure. Paul's a gifted guitarist who has nailed down accuracy and speed. I'm still struggling with the speed part but I hope to nail the accuracy.

This is something inspired by Paul gilbert that I've been practicing through. It's simple, but cycle it through with speed and it could sound killer.

Decending Lick in A minor Pentatonic

e -8-5-----------------------------------
B -----8-8-5-----------------------------
G -----------7-7-5-----------------------
D -----------------7-7-5-----------------
A -----------------------7-7-5-----------
E -----------------------------8-5-------

I should have indicated that I pick the first note on each string and pull off to the next note, then pick the first note of the string above and repeat the process.

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