Today's Google logo is cool! Now I feel like getting a cookie monster collectible. I've been quite obsessed with collecting things lately. I've always been collecting things but nothing that is really of great value. When I bought my Transformers Generation One toys, I planned to keep them mint in the box but I thought, what the heck, I never really got to play with them when I was a kid so I ripped them out of the box and played with them. That move just took away any value the toys had. Unless you wanna consider having them pre-loved by Kevin Broken Scar to have value.

It's like collecting guitars. I want to be a guitar collector that plays all my guitars and not just having them on display, unless I have so many I can't get through them all. That would be nice too. Having more guitars than I can play. That's the dream!

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  1. # Blogger Kamelia

    Ooo wow, that's so cool! Too bad I missed it! I love cookie monster, and I love cookies too!  

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