T-hink About It

You know what's worse than those annoying spam emails that end up in your spam box asking if you want to enlarge your manhood to please your woman longer or those that try to sell you cheap "genuine" Rolex watches? Paying to advertise for companies. Yes, that's right.

Think about it. Everyone wears t-shirts right? What are you doing when you buy an expensive branded t-shirt with their large logo printed on it? You're actually waving it around like a flag for the already well-known and established brand, for free! Worse still, they took your hard-earned money to advertise for them!

So if you're going to wear t-shirts that advertise something anyway, why not wear band t-shirts and get bands' names out there? If you've got a favourite band, buy their merchandise. They're way cheaper than any of the made in China crap out there anyway and they're high quality. It's even better if it's an independent band. That's one way you can support them. It supports a whole industry really, the musicians make some money from merch to tour and make music, artists and graphic designers get work to design those awesome t-shirts and the printing industry is kept healthy by producing the merch.

Think about it.

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