Do I Look Pale?

I've been sick for the past three days which is quite refreshing actually. It's nature's way of telling me to slow down a bit, rest up and give my body a break. The funny thing though is usually when I fall sick, I don't look it. I could look perfectly normal on the outside when in actual fact my body is just caving in and pretty much in pain. This can be a bit frustrating because everyone around me thinks I am fine and I might be faking it. I had to cop a lot of flak especially when I was in school. My parents used to think I was faking it to ditch a couple of days of school. I guess everyone is different and some people are more prone to getting sick while others can go for years without even getting a cold. Oh well, I guess that's my story eh?

Anyway, looking on the bright side, being sick just gives me a chance to relax and recuperate before the gig on Sunday with Erin Shay. So all is good.

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