The disadvantage of living in an apartment is when inspiration sparks at night, I can't do much about it. We're not even talking about the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning, just plain, 11pm.

In my family house, whenever inspiration hit me, even in my sleep, I'd jump right out of bed, grab the guitar, hit record and belt it out. I'd like to think that my house was sound proof but it wasn't. The neighbours didn't seem to care though and they weren't as petty as the ones I have here in this apartment building.

A few weeks ago, Tjin, Julian and myself were rehearsing in the apartment for our acoustic sets for The Limelight and The Precinct when someone buzzed me from the intercom. I was like, "hmm..we're not expecting anyone, why the heck is my intercom ringing?". I picked up the handset and a voice from the other end said, "could you do us a favour and turn down your music?". Turn down our music? Are you kidding me? We weren't even playing our music half as loud as some of the neighbours that blast techno in the middle of the night, rattling and rumbling the walls!

We were playing acoustic for crying out loud! Me on acoustic guitar, Julian on bass through my tiny Orange amp which isn't even meant to reproduce bass for a bass guitar and Tjin on clean electric guitar through the standard TV speakers (yes, very innovative indeed, Tjin's amp was the TV). To top it all off, the call came at 8pm. You gotta be kidding me right? But hey, we're a co-operative bunch of guys so we finished up what we had to do for rehearsal and "turned it down".

Today, fortunately though, inspiration hit a bit early so I managed to sit down and record a whole guitar part and a heap of vocals. I was pleasantly surprised with the results especially when the song is still so raw and the lyrics weren't even written. I'm treating this as a slightly better version of recording an idea then I'm going to strip it all apart and re-record it as a proper demo. This should be fun. Now, when would be a good time?

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