First Acoustic Gig in 2010

Fifty minutes more to go and we'll be ten days into 2010 already. It's crazy how time flies. Here's a quick update on what's happening in camp Broken Scar.

Tjin is currently away on holidays, living it up overseas while Julian and I will be playing our first Broken Scar acoustic show for the year at The Limelight coming up on Jan 21. Check out the flyer, all the details are on there. Do help us spread the word and come down to the show!

Click on the flyer for larger view

On another note, I've been watching a stack of Paul Gilbert instructional videos on YouTube. It's really addictive and I've been trying to challenge myself to play some of the licks he throws out there. Some of them seem quite impossible to play and he's just a genius that way but because he's so patient and he slows things down and dissects the licks into smaller sections, it becomes a little closer to actually getting the ideas down.

Watching Julie & Julia recently also gave me an idea. What if I started a series on, conquering Paul Gilbert's licks, one lick per day? Would anyone be keen to follow me on that journey?

EDIT: It turns out this is my first post for 2010 as well. :)
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2 Responses to “First Acoustic Gig in 2010”

  1. # Blogger iamamonkeysoareyou

    haha. i watched that show too...i thought a song a day, but thats too much. how bout a song a week?  

  2. # Blogger Kevin Broken Scar

    Yea bro! I think even a song a week is insane for me. A guitar lick a week seems more possible. Gives me an entire week to practice. haha.  

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