Lick My Pick #2

I got carried away with rehearsal yesterday with Asami and Julian (which was awesome by the way) that I guess, it is safe to say, one lick a day would be a huge commitment to keep up with, so how about we scale it back to one lick a week? Sounds good?

So, I was having a chat with Richard from The Poseidon Connection about these Paul Gilbert licks and the light bulb turned on it my head to ask Richard to contribute as a guest blogger. So here we go!

Skip Scarp Scoop Scarp Beedum Beedoo!
By Richard Leong
The Poseidon Connection

One of the earliest guitar heroes to utilize string skipping in guitar-playing is our favourite Mr. Paul Gilbert. During the era of 80s guitar shredding, most guitarists were focusing on sweep picking after the uprising of Yngwie but our Pablo was shredding his heart out using the string skipping technique. In its basic form, it would be beneficial to start with the Major and Minor shapes in the keys of E Major and E Minor respectively.

Ex 1 : E Major shape







Ex 2 : E Minor shape






So, some of you may ask, how do execute these lines smoothly? Basically, there are 2 ways; alternate picking and legato. For a smoother fluid sound, legato is the best option. Look at Ex1. On the 3rd string, pick on 13 and then hammer on 16. When you skip the 2nd string and start to pick on the 1st string, control/ mute the 3rd string using your palm, and simultaneously pick the 1st string 12th fret and then hammer on the 16th, then pull-off to the 12th.

Note that everything is down stroke picking!!!! This is one of the ways that Paul Gilbert executes the line. For the descending line, pull-off will be used extensively.

INSERT: I am still struggling with this string skipping lick hence the lack of a video. Like I said, this is my learning journey. Thanks Richard for the challenge of not only string skipping but the large stretches too! - Kev Broken Scar

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2 Responses to “Lick My Pick #2”

  1. # Blogger iamamonkeysoareyou

    matey boy. You've got yourself a student. Ill be learning them licks.

    Also, here's an idea. Send me some Guitar licks as wav files, and I'd use it in some tunes. Does not matter what the BPM is, i can adjust to suite.

    So basically, learn a PG lick, expand it, improvise it, then record it, send it and i will mess with it.

    hows that sound?

  2. # Blogger Poseidon

    Hope the reader will enjoy the melodic sequence in the final exercise!  

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