Lick My Pick #1

I realised it doesn't make much sense by merely describing guitar licks with text and tab with no sound. So, I decided to record a short video instead.

This lick is exactly the same pattern as the one in the previous post just that it is moved up the fretboard to start on the 12th fret instead, making it a C#m pentatonic lick. Paul Gilbert calls these licks descending 3's, if I'm not mistaken.

e -12p9-------------------------------------------------
B ------12-12p9----------------------------------------
G ----------------11-11p9------------------------------
D --------------------------11-11p9--------------------
A ------------------------------------11-11p9----------
E ----------------------------------------------12-9----

Notice that I don't pick all the notes and I use pull offs in this lick. This is really an easy lick and it is nothing new at all but it is really fun to play. I use it to warm up and also to gain strength for pull-offs.

Anyway, these are not lessons as they are way too simple to be lessons but they serve as a record of my journey, practicing these Paul Gilbert-inspired licks to be incorporated into my playing style. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Lick My Pick #1”

  1. # Blogger albert

    Sweeet, it makes so much more sense at the actual speed! (Was playing your previous tab slower...)  

  2. # Blogger Kevin Broken Scar

    Excellent. Glad it makes better sense with the video. I guess that's the way to go huh? Tabs alone won't be sufficient. I think that lick can be played way faster than what I did, so don't let that be a benchmark. hehe.  

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