Green Day. Rod Laver. Melbourne. 16 Dec 2009

I was on the tram earlier in the day on Tuesday, 15th December when I noticed people coming back into the city clad in Green Day merchandise. In my mind, I thought, maybe those guys went early to avoid the queues at the merch desks, bought their merch, head home first, then return to Rod Laver when the concert is about to start. Then when I got home, some friends dropped me a line on Facebook telling me that the show has been POSTPONED! Then it clicked! No wonder those dudes were leaving the arena. They must have gone there and received news that the concert had been postponed.

Then I went into panic! I mean, it wasn't the money already paid for the concert because you can usually get a refund for it, but it was because I've waited so many years to see them and this had to happen? Am I just not meant to see them, I thought.

So I looked up the official Frontier Touring site, their twitter, Rod Laver's site and Ticketek's site to confirm this. I wouldn't want to just take FB as truth (no offence to my friends for the heads up) but if I had stayed home thinking the gig was off when it actually wasn't, I'd crap myself. According to the sites, Billie Joe Armstrong had a food poisoning incident and he wasn't able to do the show that night.

However, the show did go on the next night and I was stoked! I think the fact that I waited all these years to see them and they played such a long set spanning their entire discography just puts this gig at the top of my most memorable gigs list.

Jet opened. This is what I call a value for money concert. A huge Aussie band that made it internationally opens for the band you grew up to. All you need is two really great bands at a concert I reckon. I'd prefer this rather than three crap opening acts which means more waiting time between change-overs. But then again, the three bands could be good bands. Hmm...I don't know anymore.

The pictures above were taken in the middle of the set where BJ brought out his BJ Strat to play the Dookie era songs.

The pyro at this gig was mad! It was so loud to a point it was a little annoying but visually, they look amazing! Looks like Tre Cool is on fire!

These pictures were taken from where I was and it was so far back. Check out better pictures HERE and a review on Faster Louder.

P/S: I was listening to the Dookie album the whole time I typed this. I think Coming Clean is one of my favourite Green Day songs!

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5 Responses to “Green Day. Rod Laver. Melbourne. 16 Dec 2009”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Nice pictures. Love seeing crowd shots. Most likely was one of the people walking back from the venue, after spending the night camping out for it. Was worth teh extra day's wait and the waste/re-booking of flights home.  

  2. # Blogger Kevin Broken Scar

    Thanks for the comments. It was definitely worth the wait. It's probably one of the best gigs I've been to. Wow, where did you fly in from by the way?  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Definately the best gig. I came down from Brisbae. Spare of the moment decision- booked a flight the Saturday. Also agree with coming clean being one of the best songs and most perfect moments of the night.  

  4. # Blogger Kevin Broken Scar

    It was a wise move to catch them live eh? I'm glad you made it to the show. Now I have more than one person to share this experience with. My best friend saw them in Singapore and as we compared notes, some things were quite different. I don't think their backdrop was as cool as ours where they had that big LCD screen. Ah, what an awesome night it was!  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    yeah its good to have people who were there to talk about it with. None of my other friends cared so I live on the net reminiscing as much as I can. Singapore didn't have a screen? All the visual effects thy missed. That sucks  

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